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Company Info

Transcend Maintenance is proud to be a Minority Owned Business and a certified member of the Women's Business Enterprise.

Who We Are and What We Do

Transcend Maintenance Services is a minority woman-owned commercial cleaning company conveniently located in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Transcend Maintenance Services is committed to maintaining and protecting the reputation of your business by providing professional cleaning services with the highest standards in the industry.

We provide a comprehensive range of cleaning and maintenance services, from regular, scheduled cleaning to periodic or one-time cleaning and everything in between. We adhere to the strictest environmental practices and safety standards.

Regardless of what kind of space your business relies on, a clean facility is vital to your success. A clean space reassures and impresses customers, clients, and investors, and also has a lasting impact on employee morale. Trust Transcend Maintenance Services to maintain the very best environment for your business, your clients, and your staff.


Our Values

At Transcend Maintenance Services, we believe in our employees, provide them with the training and support they need to be effective, and encourage their growth. In return, they maintain the highest possible standards in the work that they do and the services they provide.  We provide our team with the foundation, tools, and resources necessary to transcend the services they’re providing and leave our clients impressed, provided for, and loyal to Transcend Maintenance Services

About Us

Transcend Maintenance Services is a minority woman-owned commercial cleaning company conveniently located in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Transcend is owned and operated by Diana Young, a professional cleaning expert with more than twenty years of experience in the industry. Diana started her career as a custodian in the 1980's and has served commercial cleaners cleaning and maintenance companies as a cleaner, custodian, manager, and Vice President of operations and now owner and operator of Transcend Maintenance Services.

Owner Diana Young In Her Own Words

"My employees are my strongest asset. My company's trainings are always personalized, and designed to provide my staff with the tool they need to succeed. Transcend Maintenance Services, Inc. stands for serving our clients to the best of our potential, and being proud of the job we do. Everyday, we succeed in making a positive difference for the businesses we serve, and the lives we impact.”


Our Approach

By training and working with employees to create a clear career path and set goals with a potential to grow.

By showing them that they are valued and have responsibility, then recognize and reward for a job well done.

Intense Training program throughout the organization.

Employee feels that their health and well-being are supported.

Transcend Maintenance Services, provides strategic and implementable solutions to our clients.

Our Goal is to provide strategic solutions to execute the best quality cleaning plan to contract requirements.

Value the money with quality.

Our Hiring Process

At Transcend Maintenance Services, Inc. we are committed to having the right employees, that is why our recruiting process is very thorough.  We are a little more intensive than other companies, but there is a reason for it: We want to make sure our employees make the right decisions and have passion, vision, and awareness of what we do for our client.  We also ask that potential employees do their due diligence to determine of your values and beliefs.  We believe that the employment process is a two-way exchange between both the employer and employees to determine if it's a good fit for both parties.  Here are the typical steps of our hiring process:

Step 1: Application

Step 2: Preliminary Screen

Step 3: Phone Screening

Step 4: Interviewing Scheduling

Step 5: Interviews

Step 6: Background Checks (Cori, Credit check if required)

Step 7: Job Offer

Step 8: Hiring and Orientation

Step 9: Transcend Maintenance training (Awareness & Inspirational Training)

Step 10: Building/Client  Procedures and Protocol  Training

Our Training

Compliance Training

Work Zone Safety

Slip, trips and Falls Hazards

PPE Training

Hazard Communications

Labeling Important

OSHA Training

Contingency Plan to  address the risk of services disruptions:

Snow Emergency

Flu/Influence Emergency

Our Quality Control

Providing timely, relevant and accurate report on service performance.

Managing the service by seeking continuous improvement.

Providing timely, relevant and accurate report on service performance.

QC Monthly Report with a  Graphic chart and Pictures: Summary  by date, time of:

Special projects completed.

Maintenance Issues found by our Cleaning specialist.

Site visits and inspection completed by our QC Manager.

Safety Training Completed by our Safety Manager.

Maintenance Issues Repaired by our Handyman Specialist.

Managing and working closed to our clients to ensure issues are resolved quickly.

Respond to Service requirements efficiently.

Track changes to the service and the facility that can impact our current or future services.

Our Safety

Safety: Minimize the impact of unplanned incidents/Emergencies identifying and addressing potential risk before negative consequences occur. We give online and In office Training to each our employee.

Records are created and kept in our office during and after the contract life.

Safety Supervisor

Safety Inspections and reporting

Client Report and filing

Our Green Cleaning


We have decided to use in our business only 100% natural and ecologically clean products. Many of us worry that switching to environmentally friendly chemical or non- chemical methods of cleaning will reduce the quality of hygiene. We can demonstrate that there are simple, inexpensive and effective materials and ways to sustain a hygienic and sparkly clean office, without negatively impacting the planet.

Color coded cleaning rugs for the cleaning carts




Our Technology

We work with the most efficient and technological advanced equipment and tools, such as vacuums,  carpet and floor equipment, smart phones & tablets  including Apps on each of our locations  to help employees and client communication.



Our Services

Commercial Cleaning

Municipal Buildings

Executive Building Cleaning

Detail/Sanitizing  Cleaning


Dr. Offices


Light-Maintenance Repairs

Wall, patching, sanding and Painting

Pictures, whiteboards. hanging

Ceiling tiles replacement

Light/switch replacement

Post Construction Cleaning

Carpet Care and Maintenance

Steam Cleaning ( Powerhoste

Extraction Cleaning ( Hot water/Cold water)

Dry Cleaning Systems ( hosted and Dry Encapsulated)

Floor Care and Maintenance

VCT Strip and Waxing

VCT  Hight Speed Buff Maintenance

Antic-Static  Sealed Wax Maintenance

Rubber/Linos  Cleaning and Waxing

Wood Polish and Maintenance

Terrazo Maintenance

Marmol Maintenance and Polished

Snow Removal

Shoveled assistant and help

Cleanrooms Cleaning

Data room Cleaning

Rise floor cleaning

Janitorial and Consumables  Supplies Sale

Paper Towel & Toilet Paper

Hand Soap, Sanitizers

Cleaning Solutions


What Our Clients Are Saying

*Hi Diana,

I just wanted to let you know that we have a card key for you at our front desk.  Either when we met or after you or Judy had asked for one.  It is at our front desk awaiting pickup.  If you no longer think you need it just let me know.

Also you should know that your team is doing a fantastic job!  Yesterday as I was leaving one of your crew had arrived and was getting set up.  She had the cart out and as she walked down the hall, rubbed her finger across the top of the box that holds the fire extinguisher and checked it for dust!  I was so impressed with that little bit of diligence that I thought you should know.

All too often we complain or always hear from people when things are wrong but almost never when they are well.  I like to make a point to let you know your crew is doing a great job and we are pleased and have seen a noticeable improvement in the cleanliness of our office.

Thank you.


*Good Afternoon Diana,

Also I just want to let you know your  crew is doing a great job.  They have passed a couple little “tests”, where I see something during the day, note it and check it the next day…they always get it.  Also my office is normally locked, last night I left it open with a note to please vacuum then lock up and they did, and my office looks great!  Keep up the good work much appreciated.


*Hi Diana!

First, there is a NOTICEABLE  difference in our office since your company has taken over, kudos to your crew, we do appreciate the extra effort.


*Good Morning Diana,

I just wanted to reiterate how AMAZING Marco is!  He is so thorough and pays such attention to detail.

He is so kind and thoughtful too!  My white board in my office had a lousy dry eraser and he bought me 2 new

dry erasers….. just because!  He really goes above an beyond taking care of this office!

I just wanted to say thank you and you have an outstanding employee!  I am so happy you hired him!

(Also, every staff person that has had the pleasure to meet him has come to me to say “what a great guy he is”)

Just wanted to share!


We are transforming Building Here

  • Map with buildings Transforming
  • Acton, MA
  • Sudbury, MA
  • Boston, MA
  • Allston, MA
  • Littleton, MA
  • Fall River, MA
  • Brockton, MA
  • Chelmsford, MA
  • Westford, MA
  • Wareham, NH
  • Nashua, NH
  • Manchester, NH

Why Us?

You Can Rest Now... We Will Transform Your Building!

IMG_1646 2

Transcending the services we provide.

Reliable staff focused on doing the best job they can do.

Ambition to grow by providing the very best cleaning and maintenance services. 

No-nonsense approach to cleaning.

Surpassing the expectations of our clients.

Committed to a friendly and professional relationship with our clients

Environmental practices and safety standards from the very top of the industry.

Never, ever compromising.

Dependable, detail-oriented, and trustworthy.