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Whether you own a commercial, retail, or industrial premises, presenting a clean business environment is vital to the success of any firm.  With a clean atmosphere, its easy to impress clients and customers, as well as maintaining high employee morale. 

Transcend Maintenance Services, Inc. is 100% committed to maintaining and protecting your corporate image by delivering the highest standards of professional cleaning.  From daily cleanings to periodic cleaning, we provide a comprehensive range of cleaning and maintenance services to suit the majority of your needs, all while practicing the strictest of hygienic and enviormental safety standards.


At Transcend Maintenance Services, our goal is to place a great deal of value on the care of our employees by setting a different mindset, inspiring employees to transcend and perform their work to their highest ability.  We encourage, support and train employees to be proud of their work, as well as helping with their personal growth by improving their daily quality of life.  Our team is the foundation for a strong, well-known company willing to take cleaning and maintenance to a transcending level to impress customers and clients.

We recognize that a motivated staff is the key to developing successful employees.  We continually try to ensure that all employees work in facilities that they can feel safe and comfortable in.  Keeping a enthusiastic workforces means employees will port more effort into their work, which means a better service for you.

Commercial  CLEANING

T ranscending people’s life and work environment
R eliable work force focused on giving their best
A mbition to provide top-notch services
N o nonsense approach to cleaning
S urpassing our clientele expectations
C ommitted to have a friendly and professional relationship with clients/customers
E xisted to serve our clientele
N eatness is what distinguishes our team
D ependable & loyal team committed to your facilities

Company values

INSPIRING PEOPLE...TRANSFORMING BUILDINGS. going the extra mile with a smile.

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