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Our Hiring Process

At Transcend Maintenance Services, Inc. we are committed to having the right employees, that is why our recruiting process is very thorough.  We are a little more intensive than other companies, but there is a reason for it: We want to make sure our employees make the right decisions and have passion, vision, and awareness of what we do for our client.  We also ask that potential employees do their due diligence to determine of your values and beliefs.  We believe that the employment process is a two-way exchange between both the employer and employees to determine if it's a good fit for both parties.  Here are the typical steps of our hiring process:

Step 1: Application

Step 2: Preliminary Screen

Step 3: Phone Screening

Step 4: Interviewing Scheduling

Step 5: Interviews

Step 6: Background Checks (Cori, Credit check if required)

Step 7: Offer

Step 8: Hiring and Orientation

Step 9: Trancend Maintenance training (Awareness & Inspirational Training)

Step 10: Loaction & Safety Training

Commercial  CLEANING

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