Transcend Maintenance Services, INC

Why Us?

At Transcend Maintenance, we understand that each company and facility we serve has different janitorial needs and budgets, and we pride ourselves on our ability to create efficient programs that meet both.

You Can Rest Easy Knowing That We Are Here For You!

We understand that motivated staff is the key to developing successful employees. We continually strive to ensure that all employees working in the facilities are safe. Keeping an enthusiastic workforce means employees put more effort into their work, which means a better service for you.

Experienced Staff

Professional and Experienced staff ready to help you at anytime

Natural Products & Procedures

We only use natural products and procedures.  No harmful chemicals are used

Fast and Flexible Service

24/7 Emergency Services w/ fast response time guaranteed

Best Equipment

We use the best and world class equipment for the cleaning process

Green Cleaning


We use only 100% natural and ecologically clean products. Many of us worry that switching to environmentally friendly chemical or non-chemical methods of cleaning will reduce the hygienic quality of your building, but that’s simply not the case.  We can demonstrate that there are simple, inexpensive, and effective materials/procedures to sustain a hygienic and sparkly clean office without cost to the planet.

You Can Rest Easy Knowing We Will Transform Your Building!

Transcending the services we provide.
Reliable staff focused on doing the best job they can do.
Ambition to grow by providing the very best cleaning and maintenance services.
No-nonsense approach to cleaning.
Surpassing the expectations of our clients.
Committed to a friendly and professional relationship with our clients
Environmental practices and safety standards from the very top of the industry.
Never, ever compromising.
Dependable, detail-oriented, and trustworthy.


Trusted by people
& companies