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"My strongest assets are my employees.  I conduct personalized trainings, provide them with the tools they need to succeed, and encourage them to learn the beauty of cleaning.  Transcend Maintenance Services, Inc. stands for serving our clients to the best of our potential, and being proud of the job we do.  Everyday we succeed in making a difference in your buildings and the cleanliness of our lives".

- Diana Young

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About Us

Transcend Maintenance Services, Inc. is a Minority/ Woman Owned, Detail-Oriented Commercial Cleaning Company with a headquarters based out of Massachusetts. Transcend is owned and operated by Diana Young, a professional cleaning expert with over 22 years in the industry. Diana started her career as a Custodian in 1989, and quickly climbed her way up the ranks. Diana became appointed by well known, large companies as a manager for the New England area, and later as Vice President of Operations. With her strong background, Diana was able to use her wealth of knowledge and launch a successful and rewarding business. 

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